Edible Birdhouses

Today is the first day of Spring and one of my favorites things to do is bird watching.  Not the 5 A.M., binoculars in the woods bird watching,  more like the shaded patio, chaise, coffee or a cool drink and a book on birds to make it official, kind of bird watching.

 So, I was on a search for some eco friendly procucts for our outdoor feathered friends and found this Edible Birdhouse, from Songbird Garden, perfect for all busy bird watches.

This 3 Roll Milo / Cookie Seed Edible Birdhouse is only one of several different styles, depending on what type of birds live and nest in your region.  They are not only decorative but functional as well.  If this one doesn't suit your fancy, take a peek at the 3 Roll Sunflower Burst Edible Birdhouse, Apple Shaped Edible Birdhouse, Castle Shaped Edible Birdhouse ,Classic Orange Edible Birdhouse or the Seeded Star Edible Birdhouse, just to name a few.

All these edible birdhouse are handcrafted in the USA and made of different types of 100% all natural ingredients, just what our bacyard friends will love.

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