Eco Rattler (w / squeaker)

 I found this Eco Rattler ( w/ squeaker), by Honest Pet Products and thought I'd let you in on it to.   Lots of toys have squeakers in them that our dogs chew on until they get them out.  I always worry that they might swallow it before I see it actually happen.

 Honest Pet Products have answered the demand for durable squeak toys for dogs.  The Eco Rattler, made of durable HEMP canvas, has a double-sewn safety squeaker. The outer layer is 100% sustainable hemp canvas.  The inner layer is organic wool.  It is machine washable and machine dryable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, mildew-free making it healthier for our dogs. This Eco Rattler not only floats but is available in in three different sizes, 14″, 21″ or 28″  according to the size and / or weight of your pooch.

 These cute toys are made by disabled adults in Green Bay Wisconsin along with several other Hemp toys and it's always nice to give the disabled a plug…they certainly deserve it.  But read the About Us section of this site.  We sometimes think that the one small thing we do individually won't make a difference.   But that's not so.  If lots of us do one small thing, all put together, it will make a great big difference…think about it.  Also watch the videos they have on this site.  They are both interesting and informative and I wanted to pass it on to you.  Hope you like it.

Eco Rattler (w squeaker) is priced at $12.99 / SHOP NOW