Just the word futon, gets you thinking of a nice fluffy place to lay down and when your dog lays down on the Eco-Futon…I bet he'll be thinking the same thing.

 Made by Bowsers and available at Dog Beds and Crates Etc., this eco-friendly futon is made with Eco-tech polar fleece, created using recycled plastic soda bottles and over-stuffed with “Super-Loft” recycled fiber.  The circle tufting prevents the fill from moving or shifting, so the fill is evenly distributed at all times….just like our own mattress.

 This super comfortable versitile futons waterproof fabric, (fabrics are all made here in the USA),can be used indoors or outdoors and perfect for traveling to make ours buddies feel extra comfy.

 Choose from 5 different sizes, small to double extra large for the big boys…or girls, who like to really stretch out and 3 great colors, Siena Orange (pictured), Rainforest Green… or for the more conservative dog, Whistler Grey.

Eco Futon Starts at $59.95 / SHOP NOW