Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters

It's gett​ing a little chilly out these days because winter is not far off , so we need  to be prepared.  Here are a few warm and snuggley  Eco-Friendly Pet Sweaters, hoody or jacket  that your babies will like, These just​​​ happen to be, really cute stuff that will work for either our pups or kitties because osome come in smaller sizes.  

Handmade Ragg Wool  Shawl   How cute will your pup look in this classic cable stictch sweater.  Handmade and eco-friendly your pup will be the envy of any doggie.

Chilly Dog Cable Knit Wool Dog Sweater  These eco-friendly dog sweaters are handmade in Peru by the Incas.  They families that knit these sweaters grow the wool and the dye is made from plant and fruit extracts.  perfect for both dogs and cats.

Porland Pullover Dog Sweater   Any breed of dog will look very sharp in this body fitting fleece sweater.  All eyes will defiitely be any pup, boy or girl who's wearing this sweater….that's for sure

Snowflake Eco Dog Hoody   Perfect for the snow and Holidays, this adorable fleece hoody looks realy snazzy with the snowflake on the back.  The doggies are gonna love this one and so will the pussycats.

If these don't work for you, then take a look at  a few of the sweaters we've highlighted before on THP. These may be more to your fashion conscious pets taste and again two  of these are perfect for either a dog or cat. Red seems to be a very popular color because who doesn't look gook in red and of course, can really be worn all year round, not just the holidays.

This Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover is really cute for the smart looking preppy pup.  Or check out this favorite  Reknitz Sweater that come in solids and stripes and several different colors and are definitely perfect for pups and kitties.  Then of course another red sweater can be worn all year long and this Holiday Dog Sweater is no exception.  So  take a look at all these Eco-Friendly Sweaters, Jackets and Hoody to see which one fits your pet best for all those “baby its cold out” days when your going to be going outdoors with your little four-legged friends.