Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

No time for a DIY Halloween Costume for your pets…well don't worry there's plenty of them out there, some much more eco-friendly then others.  Below are six great looking Halloween costumes for our canine and feline babies.  One or two aren't perfectly eco-friendly because they are few and far between to find, but they are pretty darn close and all are made in the USA.  Afterall, it's just for a few hours, one day a year so let's just relax and enjoy the moment and have some fun with it.

  1. Bootiful Tank Dress  This adorable little number is perfect for either a dog or cat girls, because it comes in sizes XXS to L  But hurry if you want this one on time for the big day. Made with comfortable cotton and just a hint of lycra for a great fit.
  2. Boo Rhinestone Scarf  Easy and cute this scarf will definitely do the trick for a nice walk around the nieghborhood. This cotton w some lycra is adorned with a Rhinestone Boo and perfect to wear for the hard to dress pooch. Comes in large and small and perfect for both boys and girls and cats or  dogs.
  3. Halloween Shirt Tie Collar This is a terrific look for the little man of the house.  He will look fabulous in this easy to wear collar and tie ensamble made of 100% cotton.
  4. Bat Wing Dog Costume Here's another no muss or fuss easy to wear costume for your pup and possibly your kitt,y because  it comes in small and medium-lg and because any boy or girl may want to be a bat.
  5. Superdog Halloween Costume  Look…it's a bird, it's a plane, oh no it's Superdog looking mighty spiffy in this red and blue costume.  Looks like it's mostly made of felt which is an easy and comfortable fabric for our four-legged friends.  Shirt and tee are sold separately so either one will work on its own.  If you want to make a real statement then get both.  Each comes in several size. 
  6. Pumkkin Hat Cat or Dog Costume  This handmade crochet pumpkin shape hat comes in in two smaller sizes perfect for kitties and smaller dogs.  Just simply cute, cute, cute.

Remember, time's a wasting so let's hurry up and either DIY or pick up one of these easy and comfy to wear Halloween Costumes for our little furry friends, before they're all gobbled up!