Eco Dog Bamboo Dog Leash by Wagging Green

Check out this eco friendly dog bamboo leash, available at WaggingGreen. What peeked my interest is not only the colors, design and the fact that it says eco dog up and down the entire leash, but the fact that it is made in the U.S.A. of 100% hand sewn bamboo.   

Now I know they make bamboo furniture, flooring, countertops and back in the day they used bamboo for fishing poles brcause Bamboo is so strong, but a dog leash, this was something new to me. 

The leash comes in 5' lengths and two different widths and if your dog is a fashion bug, you can also get the matching collar in small, mediium and large.   

However, if this one is not exactly what you had in mind…no worries, there are several different design or if you prefer, there is a nice selection of assorted male or female solid collars that also have matching collars.

Bamboo design leashers Start at $24.99

Bamboo design collars Start at $18.00

Bamboo solid leashes Start at 18.99

Bamboo solid colars Start at 13.99