EcoConcepts Bunk House

 Funny thing about dogs, some like to stay indoors and others love to be outside.  I happen to have two, that fit that description to a tee.

 So, I started looking for a home away from home, ( my backyard),  where my dog could go but also get away from the sun for awhile or summer drizzle, while still enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors

 This EcoConcepts Bunk House by New Age Pet is what I came up with.  Just the name bunk house is perfect for our adventure seeking buddies.

 This eco-friendly hideaway is maintenance free, designed for comfort and constructed of eCo-Flex recycled plastic and wood fibers.

  The bunk house is resistant to pests,rot, weather, moisture and non fading, longlasting materials can be easily cleaned with a hose…sound like the perfect house to me.

  But If you still want to kick it up a notch, check out the EcoConcepts Rustic Lodge….like a little outdoor vacation home!  

 So go green and treat your dog to either of these two eco-friendly retreats.   Since both come in different sizes, they will work for just about every kind of dog.  Find them at Dog Beds and & Crates Etc.

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