Easy to Make Dog Toys


There's nothing more satisfying than DIY projects that include eco-friendly dog toys that are easy and inexpensive. Below you'll find just some types of toys we probably all have bought in the stores that could have been made with our very own hands.  Check them out and give them a try

T-Shirt Dog Toy~We all must have some olds cotton T-Shirt hanging around…I know these are the really comfortable ones, but maybe you can give one or two up to make this really easy tug t

Simple Rope Dog Toy~Dogs love rope toys.  Follow these easy directions and viola, you have a eco-friendly strong toy.

Hedgehog Dog Toy~This is aproximately a 30 minute to make easy dog toy.  Easy to follow instructions, but you may want to stuff with some old cotton t-shirt pieces and omit the squeaker to keep it completely eco-friendly.

“Bug” Dog Toy~It doesn't get much easier than this and your pup is gonna love it.   Just three strips of fabric and bingo, your're done.  Fast to make for lots and lots of time for play.

Wubba Dog Toy~My dog loves a wubba, as a matter of fact he'll go get his when I say “where's your wubba”…how smart is that and what's even smarter is  that  it's so  super easy to make.

Rope Toy with Sweet Potato~All that's need for this toy is rope and a sweet potato…how easy is that ans eco-friendly.

Paddio Stick~Perfect safe and eco-friendly chew toy that doubles as a throw and fetch toy and super easy to make.  I mean, what dog doesn't love to fetch a stick

Tug and Toss Ball Dog Toy~One tennis ball, a rope and an implement to make two holes in ball is all that's needed….but if you don't want to us a tennis ball, make your own fabric ball stuffed with cotton pieces, wither way your dog is gonnal love it.

Rope Ball Dog Toy~Yet another dog toy you can make with rope…who know.  Makes for a nice toss and fetch also, if you can get your pup to stop chewing it.  Good luck with that.

Water bottle Dog Toys~Dogs love the crunchy sound of a water bottle and here are some easy steps to making the tie dye one….but you don really need directionsfor the other two water bottle toys…just one old sock and some cord or ribbon, or one piece of fabric with some cord or ribbon.  Sometimes pictures do speak louderthan words.

So there you have it for this roundup of Easy To Make Eco-Friendly Dog Toys.  Go on and have some fun and don't forget to include the kiddies…a few of them are really that easy for them to do  also.  No time like the present for them to learn about the hows and whys we want to be eco-friendly.