Dynamic Accents Wood Furniture Dog Crate

If your dogs not a puppy. if your doggy isn't a chewer. if your cramped for space or if your just plain old tired of looking at the wire or plastic crate in your living area….or if you like to get something new for your pooch because you like to spoil him or her, then check out this Dynamic Accents Wood Furniture Dog Crate that doubles as an end table.

This beautiful crate comes in three different hardwood finishes…Antique Black, Mahogany and Artisan Bronze, that are Water Based, Formaldehyde Free, Lead Free, Chromate Free, and Low VOC/HAPS Free, which is great in smaller confined space.  They also come in two different sizes Medium for dogs up to 38 pounds and Large for dogs up to 52 pounds….so in other words pretty perfect for lots of different boys and girls.

These wood crates are also water resistant and easy to clean and pretty afforable if you keep in mind that it doubles as an actual piece of furniture. 

So if your in the market for a more stylish crate that is safe for the pups and made right here in the USA., just the way we like it, then check this one out.  I think your gonna like it.  Oh and here's a thought…maybe your kitty cat would like one too.  Enjoy!