Dreidel and Gelt Hanukkah Catnip Cat Toys

I found these cut little Dreidel and Gelt Hanukkah Catnip toys on Etsy at The Spotted Kitty…cause we can't and won't ever forget about the kitties.  Believe me when I say, it was not an easy task looking for something for our furry cat friends for this particular holiday…but I was determined to find something.   Some of the few things I found where either sold out, no longer available or weren't made in the U.S.A…as you know, being made in U.S.A. along with being eco-friendly and / or organic and healthy is what THP is all about.

Well this darling set of handmade toys are made of 100% recycled felt and filled with organic catnip…how sweet is that.  The Gelt measures 2.25″ in diameter and the Dreidel mesures 2″ wide and 2.5″ long but not counting the tab…perfect size for their little paws to hold.

Orders can be taken up to 11/21, but I would order asap just in case. or you might be out of luck…and you'll have zero for your buddy for Hanukkah.  Cute not only for your kitties, but they'll make a great gift for their friends or visitors   Enjoy!