Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’‘r Dog Chews

You all know by now that I love sweet potato treats for my dogs and they love those sweet potato treat just as much, so I 'm always looking for new and tasty sweet potato tidbits for them…because they love them just as much as I do. 

Dr. Harvey' Sweet Potate'r Dog Chews are packed full of vitamins and minerals that make these an absolutely healthy, worry free treat you can give your doggies without any guilt because, they'r low in calories and have no salt or sugar added.  What's more they're made with just good old sweet potatoes…nothing else… no artifical flavors, preservatives, chemicals or dyes….just the way we like them.

Your pup is going to love chewing on these treats, which by the way comes in chips or fries shapes.  Either way get ready to watch an exercise in chomping as they enthusiastically work on devouring this scrumptous sweet potate'r goodies that also includes the sweet potato skins which are filled with extrra vitamins and minerals.

Of course I also love these treats because they're made in the good old USA and are available on several different sites for your convenience, so when you have a chance check it out.  Sweet Potatoes are a vegetable and we know how important veggies are in our pups diet.  Enjoy!