DOGSBAR Blueberry

Next time you come back from a walk with your dog and need a pick me up and reach for a power bar or some sort of healthy and nutritious bar, have the Blueberry Dogsbar handy for your four-legged walking partner.

This 100% natural blueberry (they also come in scrumptous Peanut Butter), nutrition-bar for dogs is made with organic brown rice syrup, oats, blackstrap molasses, organic crisp brown rice, organic flax seeds, organic peanut butter, sunflower seed kernels, organic potato flakes, organic sunflower oil and dried blueberries…sounds really good right and of course made in the USA…plus they are corn, soy and gluten free…plus,plus, for every bar thats sold will donate a DOGSBAR to a dog in need…now that's a winner in my book.  Enjoy!