DogBrick Wood

Everyone needs a certain amount of mental stimulation, from babies to seniors, from building blocks to crossword puzzles ,because using the brain keeps us alert and sharp mentally and young at heart.  Well same goes for our four legged furry friends, they need brain teasers to stimulate them too.

We're always wondering just how smart our buddies are, well check out this environmentally safe, ingenious wood game for your dog called DogBrick Wood by Nina Ottosson.  Hide treats or dry food bits in the cavities under the bricks. Let the dog search for the treats by moving the bricks aside, either with the paw or the nose. It is not possible to lift the bricks. Sit back and watch the fun…time him or her if you like to see the progress eventually made. 

This all wood dog toy and all of the wood dog toys are made in Sweden.  This one is at level two, but there are also level one and three wood dog toys as well.  I picked this one, because I am partial to Dachshunds.

You can also make this toy more difficult by locking the bricks with the included wooden blocks and the black pegs. Now the dog has to lift the blocks and pegs in order to push the bricks aside and thus reach the treats. You can also put some pegs or sticks from trees between the bricks and lock the bricks.

Even though Nina Ottossons wood toys are available at several places, check out her site for different tips and ideas on how to use her wood toys and also her story on making these toys, starting back in 1990.  There are so many reasons why this type of toy is important to your dog, so please take a lookt.  You will also see her entire selection of wood toys that may very well interest you too.  Enjoy seeing how smart your little ones really are, while helping them grow to their full potential.  They just may pleasantly surprise you!