Dog Gone Chick and Banana Wrap Treats

I don't know about your dogs, but my dogs absolutely love bananas.  As soon as I start peeling one they come running and sit and wait for their piece, usually the end tip for them and the rest for me.

Well these Dog Gone Chick and Banana Wrap Treats are gonna be all gone when they get a taste of them.  The treats are by American Dog Food Company, sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A..

Dog Gone Chick and Banana Wraps are a great way for your dog to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack without the filler ingredients that traditionally tag along. The wraps are free of wheat, soy and grain, which can cause bloating and inflammation. There are absolutely no artificial flavorings and no artificial coloring.

The chicken is 100% Human Grade real meat that has been certified by the USDA. The banana is all-natural, with no sugar added to the mix. Dogs love the taste and enjoy the treat as a snack or a satisfying rewards.

So. next time you're running low on treats, get something a little different and healthier for your precious doggies and try these Dog Gone Chick and Banana wrap treats.  The  pups are gonna love them.  If banana aren't your dogs favorite, then maybe the Dog Gone Chick and Apple Wrap or Dog Gone Chick and Sweet Potato Wrap suits them better.  They're also made in the USA and  are made with all the good healthy stuff too.   Either way their is something for every one of our four-legged friends, so check it out.   

I found these on  A 12 oz. bage regularly sells for $15.99, but on sale for $11.99.   I'm sure they're available elsewhere also, but I'll leave where you shop up to you.  Enjoy!!