DIY Pet Christmas Holiday Ornaments

With Chrisrmas right around the corner, I'm beginning to think about putting my crafting hat on to make some pet Christmas ornaments.  Nothing to difficult,,,pretty easy stuff that  both you and the kids could make for your favorite pet or pets that will add a nice touch for the holiday.  I found  a couple of really cute ornaments that I thought I would share with you.

1. PICTURE FRAME PET CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS   Who doesn't want a picture of their furry friend.  This adorable  Picture Frame Ornament is easy to make  and  will work either for canines or felines.

2. CARDSTOCK SIHLOUETTE PET  HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS  Most of these supplies can be found at a dollar or craft store..  sihlouettes  are really easy to draw or trace and cut out   Add a hole and some ribbon for hanging and your all set to go.  Again, a great ornament for both doggies or kitties.

3. HILARIOUS PET CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS  This ornament is just too cute and funny.  Pipe wires and a picture of your dogs head glued on and bingo…you're all set to go.  Add some goody or candy cane pipe wire to make yours really special.

4. PET PAW  ORNAMENTS CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT  Well who wouldn't love to make some Pet Paw Ornaments for their loved ones.  Instuctions are pretty easy to follow.  All you need to complete is one doggie or kitty paw.

5. DOG BONE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT  What tree would be complte  without  a dog bone.  This one is moderate to easy to make, so let the fun begin.

So, there you have five examples of some really fun pet ornaments for both dogs and cats.  There's all sorts of DIY Ornaments out  there, all you need is a little bit of time and a speck of imagination and you're on your way to a fun afternoon project. that will give you tons of happy memories.