Dawg Stick-Wooden Throwing Toy

Before tons of pet toys and all kinds of large pet stores, before pet toy prices that could knock your scocks off, before all kinds of different healthy dog foods and vet visits that could add up to a small down payment on a car or maybe one semester of college for your kid, before all of that stuff that we can't seem to live without now and before when table scraps were the dogs food or treat…one thing is for sure a dog and his throwing stick was and is and always will be, one of our four-legged friends favorite things!

So, here's a neat idea I found on Etsy.  An all natural good old fashioned wood throwing stick, just like back in the good old days. The only difference between this one and the ones from the past is that it is sanded down nice and smooth so our canine babies don't get a splinter on their tongues.  The really neat part is that it is also personalized with your pups name…a very cute idea.

This handmade all natural wooden dog stick is made in the USA and measures aproximately 10.5″-11″ long, sanded on both sides and name burnt in on one of those sides.  Available on Etsy or the Hickory Tree, and is priced at $17.28,  so check it out…perfect for the yard or dog park or dog gift since it comes beautifully package.  Enjoy!!