If you have a power chewer at home consider this Crinkits by Zigloo as the ultimate interactive dog toy!  

This Eco durable toy is lots of fun for your dog because dogs love the sound of an empty water bottle so much, that they won't want to put it down.

Crinkits are made and sourced in the USA with a material called Zigflex. 

Zigflex is a highly durable and safe material that is FDA approved.  It is recyclable, floats and is easy to rinse clean with BPA’s or Phthalates.

So check this out at, where you will find this in several different colors and instructions on how to make this a combination bottle and treat toy.  Also great as a throw and fetch toy.

Available at for $19.99.  So let's make some easy fun for our dogs and let the crinking begin.  Enjoy!