Contemporary Cat Castle

Wow! Look at this Contemporary Cat Castle for all your furry friends to play in.  We all know how much cats love to play with and in cardboard boxes, well why not make his or hers a dream castle where they can hide, hang out or invite friends for a fun playdate or just play in a place that makes them feel like a King or a Queen.

The Refined Feline Contemporary Cat Castle is an interactive play area and comfy cat condo with a fun design. It's made with extra durable cardboard with inner levels for climbing, jumping or even napping.

Large openings give your cat plenty of room to jump in and out of the castle. Metal bars come with the Large model for extra support. Watch your kitty play for hours in her new home.

This made in USA castle is made of strong cardboard, decorated with a full color design, has multiple levels inside. 

The large model castle, pictured on the left comes with metal support bars and measures 24″ wide  x 24″ deep x 60″ high.  The small castle pictured on the right measures 20″ wide x 20″ deep x 30″ high.

This Contemporary Cat Castle is available at Refined Feline.

So, get ready to see your cat or cats enjoy this fun filled castle…maybe you can even dress them up as King or Queen when they're playing with their friends…that should make them really happy.  Enjoy!