Charlee Bear Turkey Liver and Cranberry Dog Treat

Well look who's checking out their wieght.  Didn't think your pup gave a hoot about it…well maybe we need to rethink that.  Over wieght pets can have plenty of mobility problems, hip problems and a string of other health problems.  Let's lend them a helping hand and give them a terrific treat that will help keep the pounds off.

Start by checking out these Charlee Bear Turkey Liver and Cranberry Dog Treats, one of the first steps into helping your dog with good treating habits.  Since we buy the treats, it's up to us to make sure this happens.

Charlee Bear Turkey Liver and Cranberry Dog Treats are all natural treats which contain only 3 calories….WOW… along with the great taste of Turkey Liver & Cranberries…Yummy.  Your dog will find them irresistible!  These treats are small enough and just right for rewarding your dog often, but still great for training….and guess what?…they're not only sourced here in the USA but also made right here in the USA…just the way we like It.

So why not give your four-legged friend a happy surprise the next time they go on the scale by treating them with a healthy, delicious, calorie concious treat.  Treats are savailable on several sites, so check it out.  Enjoy!