Cattitude Chicken Breast Jerky

If your a cat lover, then you know that they may have some attitude when it comes to certain treats.  Sometimes we get into a rut and keep giving the same treats over and over again.  Believe it or not cats like lots of stuff other than fish 

The American Pet Food Company has come up with Cattitude Chicken Breast Jerky because it’s no secret; cats enjoy the occasional meat product.

Their instincts necessitate a carnivorous indulgence, and what better way to satisfy that craving then with an all-natural, quality product with no surprises.

Cattitude Chicken Breast Jerky is made from USDA inspected, selected lean chicken breast sourced and made  in the U.S.A. No filler ingredients have been added, and nothing artificial has been infused into it.

Filler ingredients like corn, soy and gluten have been shown to cause inflammation and other problems in cats. Cattitude Jerky has no artificial flavors, no additional coloring, no filler ingredients…sounds like a winner to me.

All these healthy benefits keep our kitties not only healthy but also a happy tummy.  Cattitudes Chicken Breast Jerky is available on several different sites.  I found them on healthypets .com and, but I'm pretty sure it's available in a few other places.   The 3.5oz bag sells for about $5.99 when on sale or at $7.99 regular price.  Enjoy!