Catelicious Chicken Flavor Cat Treat

Your kitties are going to go bananas for these Natural Catelicious Chicken Cat Treats by Lucky Pet Brand…and why not , even they need something a tad different to munch on in between meals besides fish. because afterall they can get bored with the same ole, same ole all the time.

Not only do your pets deserves a high quality treat that this treat provides, but they deserve a treat where every bite size goody is baked to perfection with a balance of taste and nutrition… your furry little friends are going to absolutely love them.  Lucky Pet Brands pet treats are made with 100% all Natural ingredients and are Gluten, Corn, Wheat and Soy free…just the way we like em!   These packed with protein treats are All American made ( in the Heartland of the U.S.A.) with the highest quality of human grade ingredients including Flaxseed. No artificial colors or preservatives and no added sugar or salt.  Your Cat will love these safe and wholesome and delicious Catelicious Chicken Treats, every bite, every time…and guess what, they are no more than 2 calories each…purr-fect!

Treats are available on several sites at various prices, so check it out for the best deal.  Enjoy!