Crinkle Cane Deer

What's not to like about these cute candy cane reindeer.   They're perfect for your pups holiday stocking.  Afterall. who doesn't like candy canes…I don't know anybody and chances are your don't either.  We hang them on our trees, tape them on gifts, put them in bowls…Santa even hands them out to kids…so why not give one to our four-legged friends…but here's the catch, unlike the candy canes we get, these are made to play with, not decorate with or eat…and unlike candy canes we know, where you can find them all over the place during the season, this seasonal gift for the doggy's are only available while supplies last. 

These Crinkle Cane Deer are made by the Eco-Conscious West Paw Design Company and made right here in the U.S.A.  These handcrafted 11.5″ long Crinkle Cane Deer will give your babies lots of exciting fun time, trying to figure out where the crinkle noise is coming from inside while they enjoy the feel of the snuggle soft exterior.

Choose from either the red and white polka dot deer or the brown…or maybe you need both if your have more than one pup like I do, but if you like these cutie pies, better hurry or your loved ones will not be seeing these in their stockings and you know we wouldn't want that. Enjoy!