Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover

I know you all know what I'm talking about when I say…almost time to get the snuggy out or maybe you already have yours out, right?  Well now your pup can have a snuggy too.  This adorable classic Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover is just the thing to keep your babies warm and cuddly, indoors just like yours does for you, or outdoors for all the activities you do with your pups..

Made with super soft anti pill fleece, this will be so comfy for your pups, plus it can easily be machine washed on a gentle cycle and warm water.

This made in the U.S.A. Camel Blanket Plaid Pullover can be found on where you will find a size chart to help you buy the perfect fit for your one or two or maybe more loved ones…however many you have, all pups are gonna love it.

While your shopping, this will also make a terrific holiday gift for all your four-legged friends buddies…something that will give lots of warm and cozy moments over and over again while they snuggle up to you.  Enjoy!