Cabana Style Pet Bed

 Isn't this Cabana Style Pet Bed, one of the cutest things you ever saw. Look at that sweet little kitty peeking out of a safe and cudley hideaway.

 This adorable hooded Eco-Friendly hut is made of Natural Banana Leaves…who knew.

 Lrt's face it, cats spend most of their time resting.  Some like to burrow, some like to crawl into cozy quarters, but for the most part, these finicky little furry creatures…that we love so much, like to snuggle into something soft and warm.

 Of course, this cabana isn't going on the beach or in the pool area anytime soon.  We know how most cats feel about water, but the natural color playhouse that also comes with a fleece covered zipper pillow, in a soft natural stripe tone, will look cool in any room in the house

 The cabana can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth and the cover is removable for machine washing and drying…you know how I love that.

 Cats love to stay warm and safe and this 16″ x16″ x16″  sleep bed is just the perfect size to double as a playhouse also.  The Cabana Stlye Bed can be found at Doctors Foster and Smith.

 Boy, I wish I had a playhouse or even a cabana for that matter, when I is was younger…what's up with that!  I'll tell you what's up…nothing is too good for any of our precious four legged friends, that's for sure.

Cabana Style Bed is priced at $39.99 / SHOP NOW