Bone Bons Pork Wrapped Mango Bites

Okay, so these little tidbits remind me of something that you'd serve at a party…you know the ones they wrap some dough around a hot dog and them call them something cute like…pigs in a blanket.

Well these little treats are similar except they wrap a piece of pork around a mango and call them of course,  Pork Wrapped Mango Bites…same concept though, right.  Made by Bone Bons right here in Florida, USA. these sliced pieces of pork tenderloin are wrapped around a mango bite that is a naturally delicious treat packed with protein and vitamins and made with USDA inspected and approved, human grade pork. The antioxidant compounds found in mango fruit are known to protect against cancer.  Mango also contains high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C which help to lower cholesterol levels.

The good news is that the pork is sourced from U.S.A. farms and contain no added hormones, antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. There are no added fillers or ingredients and there is no mystery meat…cause we don't want mystery meat.

So, next time your having a party or are going to a party, make sure you have a party treat for your furry-four-legged friend as well.  No party in sight you say,well give him a couple anyway because chances are he really deserves it and besides, who said you needed a party to serve delicious healthy reats!  Check them out at, you'll be happy you did…and so will you pup.  Enjoy!