Bocce’s The Big Apple Dog Treats

Here's my question….who doesn't like apple pie or apple anything for that matter??   So many apple things to choose from like warm apple pie, apple pie a la mode, apple crunch, apple betty, apple strudel.  The list goes on and on and on…but not so much for our pups.

Sure there's lots of treats with apple this and that mixed with all kinds of meats and stuff,  but just a few with simply apples, like these Bocce's “The Big Apple Pie” Dog Treat. that come in this Big Apple can or available in smaller packages.

These Apple PIe treats are wheat free for all the pups with allergies or sensitive bellies and also free of soy, corn, chemicals or preservatives.

What they are full of and made of is Organic Barley, Organic Apples and Cinnamon, perfect for keeping our babies breath fresher…and that's it, nothing else…just the way we like it.  They boast to be 100% Vegan free for all our Vegan loving pet parents out there. They are not only made in a traditional doggie shaped bone that all doggies simply love, but they are also made here in the USA.

So next time your pups have room for dessert, try one of these Big Apple doggie bone treats for a change of pace or just because you love them soooooo much.  Enjoy!