It’s time to stop the negative myths about black cats

To know the story of the Black Cats you would have to go back hundreds and hundreds of years ago and still today some of those myths and superstitions still exist today.  Since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to do some checking on how the poor little Black Cat got a bad rap in some parts of the world and in other parts held in high esteem.

The scoop on what's fact or fiction in the life of black cats

It seems a lot of people find the Black Cat a little bit mysterious; probably because of all the hype and myths that circulate about them. These articles will confirm some of those stories, but to my surprise they will add new insights on how some considered black cats to actually be good luck…yes, good luck! 

Did you know there are a couple of different kinds of Black Cats? In this Folklore & Types of Black Cats  you'll find information on the different types of black cats as well as some famous black cats like Sylvester and Felix the Cat. They offer some different views behind the history of the Black Cat, which is interesting

The whys of how the infamous Black Cat got branded bad luck is found in Why Black Cats Are Considered Bad Luck

Why Cats Are Considered Bad Luck talks about how several different countries, other than our own, consider black cats good luck. There's also some interesting information about interpeting the Black Cats different movements.

And finally, here's THP views on the Black Cat

We love these sleek, shiney black furry bundles of joy and hope after reading these articles, you will laugh off some of these myths, superstitions and folklore behind the Black Cat as just that.  

Our Black Cat Stormy was a wonderful and friendly cat who never, ever  brought any bad luck to us.  Stormy passed away in 2007 after a loving life and is sorely missed.  He is the reason why we started Tree Hugging Pets.  He is our baby boy and we love him and miss him so much. Stormy can never be replaced but someday a different Black Cat may come into our life and we'll be very happy to have him or her in our very, very furry family.

So this Halloween, remember Stormy and all the other awesome black cats in the world and treat them with kindness and respect. They deserve nothing less.