Big S S Stretch Snake

I've found that you can never have enough toys for the dogs.  I bet your thinking the same thing!  I don't know about your dogs but mine love to play tug of war with each other all the time.  When one isn't in the mood the other brings the toy to me and then we tug…of course I always win the war. 

I found these really cute tug of war snakes called Big S S Stretch Snake at and although most of us dilike snakes, I just couldn't resist these two guys.

Big S-S-Stretch is the interactive dog toy that is designed for the big dog and the big dog at heart!  Its long cylindrical body springs into action with the slightest shake of a dog’s head. Made with all faux fur, recycled polyfill and robust squeaker, this snake looking dog toy knows how to grab your dog’s attention and hold it!   While playing tug, watch how far this snake will actually stretch!  See how far you and your dog can go.

Strong fabric is surprisingly soft. With 2 sizes to choose from, Big S S Stretch is 35″ long and sells for $19.00 or Li'l S S Stretch which is 20″ long and sells for $15.00.  Both come in either cow or giraffe fabric.   This made in the USA dog toy is a must have for all breeds!   Enjoy!