Barkin’ for Bananas

I think I've mentioned before that my dogs just love bananas.  I usually have one every day and when they see me pick one up they immediatley come and sit until I give each one an end. 

The nice thing about bananas is that they are not only very healthy, but also soft which is a nice easy treat for them to eat.

If you've never tried to give your dogs bananas or if you don't like bananas yourself and never have them in the house …or just ran out of bananas…whatever the case may be, here is a really nice soft Barkin for Banana Cookie Treat for your doggies to keep on hand just by chance some of the above is the case.

These Barkin' for Bananas Cookies by Lazy Dog Cookies is a natural nutricious soft baked treat for your dog featuring a wheat, corn and soy free recipe.  Only Banana, peanut butter, healthy grains and antioxident real Pumpkin (here we go again with the pumpkin), is oven baked in every bite along with cane molasses and other good and healthy stuff.

You can be certain that the name of these cookies are perfect because, in fact, if you can't give your pup the a real banana then he'll be Barkin' for Banana cookie treats…I guarantee it!  Check them out at lazydog or your favorite place to shop.   Oh, by the way, they are a little high in calorie…39 per cookie, so go easy on them, for all you calorie counting dog lovers.   Enjoy!