All About Pumpkins and Dogs

October is the month when we see Pumpkins everywhere.  We can pick them or shop for them almost anywhere you live.  Lots of great stuff can be made with pumpkins, like pie, bread, soup, jack-o-lanterns and the list goes on and on.  What we love about Pumpkin is that it makes wonderful healthy treat for your pup.  Pumpkin is filled with lots of great stuff for your dogs and they go absolutely bananas for it.  Here's just a couple of ideas for making your babies some delicious treats.

First, lets start with pups that have sensitive tummys. We don't want to forget about them. These Gluten Free Pumpkin Dog Treats  will have these doggies wagging their tails for more.

Maybe these  Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits are more to your pups liking.  A really nice traditional bone for your babies.  If you don't want to invest in bone cookie cutters then just press them out with an upside down glass.  No big deal, your dog is gonna love them no matter what shape they are.

Ever wonder what to do with all the pumpkins you decorated your house with indoors and out.  Well before they rot why not try making these Dehydrated Pumpkin Dog Treats.  Sure it's gonna take some time cutting them all up, but here's the great part…pack them in little baggies and pop in the freezer for great Pumpkin treats for months to come. 

If dehydrating is to much work then puree Pumpkin after cooking (like potatoes) and  put in containers and freeze.  You can also pick up some organic or sugar free pumpkin in a can if that's all you have time for and the plus is, it's available all year round.  Pumpkin is not only a great treat for your dogs but it helps them with their digestive system when they're not feeling so good and has many healthy benefits…just the way THP likes it.

Of course you can always skip all the work and pick up some already made healthy treats at the pet store, like Soft Baked Pumpkin Pie Treats, Wet Noses Oraganic Pumpkin Treats or maybe some Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Treats.

As a final thought, it really doesn't matter how you make Pumpkin treats or buy Pumpkin treats as long as you give your pup some Pumpkin….Pumpkin is a healthy treat that will definitely help your dogs digestive health and urinary health while providing a delectible morsel of goodness that your babies will love time and time again!