A watched puppy never poops

Back in December, we fostered a deaf double merle mini aussie/border collie, whom we named Snow. A week after she arrived, she gave birth to 5 healthy puppies. Of course, being me, I wanted to keep them all.  My husband, being him, said no and no x 5. 

We watched them all go off to their individual foster homes at 8 weeks. It was hard but also that's why we foster. To save lives and help the next neglected, abandoned, heart broken dog. 

Through a sorted turn of events, one puppy came back to rescue – then she got really sick. And during those days when she was hospitialized, fighting for her precious little life, we realized that she never should have left our home.

She was meant for us. And we were meant for her.

Last Friday she finally came home.

Ah, look at that sweet face.  Filled with mischief and mayhem.

It's been quite a few years since we've had a puppy romping around the house. Quite a few years indeed. 

Overall, we're doing well and settling into a routine. We've not had one potty accident in the house (now that I've officially jinxed myself) and she's very good in her crate. But she's still a puppy…

5 Things I forgot about raising a puppy

  1. Everything goes into their mouth. Dirt, grass, leaves, sticks, poop, sandals, wires, things you can't even see with the naked eye but your puppy can see just fine.
  2. If it doesn't go into their mouth, they must lick it. Boxes, bricks, siding on your house, your nose or toes or both. It must be licked. 
  3. Go Big or Go Home. There's no inbetween. We are either going going going, or napping napping napping. 
  4. It looks like a pet store exploded on my office floor, kitchen floor, and livingroom floor. Providing items to put in her mouth (see #1) is very important to the welfare of items you do not want her to put in her mouth (see #1).
  5. Baby gate hell. Thankfully we have this play yard that came in handy not only with raising 5 puppies but also now, raising one.

The good thing is that there is plenty I do remember about raising a puppy and overall, we are pretty damn lucky. She's an easy puppy and is learning so quickly.  I'm grateful every day for her. Even when she eats dirt.