A Ball Of Yarn

Isn't this a cute little picture of a cat playing with a Ball of Yarn.  Years ago it was a very common practice for most kitties and probably is today too, but the reality is that letting your cat play with a ball of yarn can be a very dangerous thing…I never thought about it and maybe you didn't either, but here are a few reasons why.

Cats like to chase it around and then it unravels and our little babies get all tangled up in the string, which creates the potential for injury of the paws and of course strangulation.

Also, some cats will chew on the yarn and that can also create a dangerous choking problem, since once it gets into your cats mouth, the only way out is down the hatch.  Sure they look cute in a pictures with a bunch of yarn and if you want to take one, please be sure to take it all away when done shooting your photos.

You might be thinking I'm nuts and that cats have been playing with yarn forever, but we as pet parents have become more aware of whats good and not so good for our babies.  Any string type cat toy should be monitored closely as they can also be potentialy dangerous also.  So sometimes really cute, is not so good and as always we should keep a close watch on our babies when playing with toys.  If your a little skeptical, google it and check it out….you'll be glad you did.   Enjoy!