600+ dogs effected by chicken jerky treats from China

Dogs are dying. Over 600+ dogs have suffered from liver and kidney failure as well as other illnesess due to injesting chicken jerky from china found in pet food treats from large companies like Nestle Purina.    This is just one more reason why we need to know what is in the food we are giving our family members.

Please go and sign the petition to recall Nestle Purina Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky.  

There's also been a class-action lawsuit filed against Purina and Wal-Mart, by a dog parent claiming that “Yam Good” dog treats, made by the Waggin Train division of Nestle Purina, caused his dog to die from kidney failure. 

The FDA's job is to ensure the food we eat and that we feed our kids and pets are safe.  We sholdn't have to worry about food safety, but we do because the FDA is failing us over and over again.

Please sign the petition and share it will your friends and family.  No more dogs should have to die.