6 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

I'm getting ready to make my own halloween costumes for our dogs. It's fun and can be easy (or not) depending on what type of costume you want to make.

I've put together a list of a few really adorable costumes that you can make with just a few items.

Easy & Comfy DIY Halloween Pet Costumes

  1. Howl-O-Hippie Dog Costume All that's needed is a small piece of fabric for bandana and leg wear.  Or, just the bandana is fine also.  If you can't find or don't have a piece sign get some colored oak tag at your local dollar store and cut some out.  They can be hot glued onto the scarf and by the way if you have an old tie die shirt that would be a perfect addition to this costume.
  2. Indian Cat Costume  This is a really cut outfit.  You'll find just about all your supplies in any craft store.  If you don't feel the need to make the whole outfit, then hust make a vest and of course the head piece.
  3. Doggie Dino Costume This is a pretty easy costume to put together.  All you need is one old tank top that will fit either your dog or cat, some felt and either hot glue or needle and thread to place the felt up the back.  Just cut the felt to look like the picture
  4. Flower Dog Costume This is just an adorable costume. Perfect for dogs, males or females, since floweres come in all different colors and the pink one thy're shiowing is jus an example.
  5. Petal Collar Cat Costume Not to be out done by doggies, this is also an adorable costume for our kitties. I love the orange color but of course you can really make it your own by simply changing the color, or adding a stem.
  6. Hostess Cupcake Costume This is a really easy costume to make and your pup or kitty will look absolutely scrumptious in it.

Well there you have just a sample of some easy DIY Halloween costumes for your furry babies.  A few of these can be modified, if you use your imagination.  For example, the Flower or Petal costume can easily be a Tutu by simply wraping some fabric or a wee wee pad around your pets belly and then stitching or hot gluing some toile all around it. 

Or make a cape and add a large felt “S”, attach to collar and voila…superman. 

Or add some colorful cut feather to collar for a turkey or maybe a large red felt heart with the letter TY for a beanie baby…simple, easy, and fun.

The ideas are endless, so put your crafting hat on and come up with your own creation.  Remember it should be easy and always comfortable for your pets…not complicated, cause less is always more.  So go have some fun with it!