3-Play Ecolast Hippo-Pink

This cutie 3-Play Ecolast Hippo_Pink is perfect play for your pup.  Just fill it up with his or hers favorite treat and off your pup goes into a playful frenzie fit, keeping busy until he or she gets to the goodies inside…lots of laughs and fun all rolled into one adorable pink Hippo that comes in two different sizes…and the color Blue of course for all the Big Boys!   Hipposs aren't the only animal shape he comed in, there's a turtle which comes in green or blue, just in case your pup is afraid of Hippos, or maybe he'd prefer a round ball in at least three colors…up to him.

This Hippo is made from recycled inner tubes by cycledog.com  in their factory in Portland Oregon, U.S.A.  Again I must mention that the story behind this company is very interesting and worth the read.  It proves that even ONE person can make a difference and make eco-friendly products for all eco-minded folks to use….afterall, we have to start somewhere, why not with ourt best buddies.  Enjoy!