Wet Nose Sweet Potato Pie & Apple Pie

Well today is Nov. 1st and Halloween is over but before you know it the next Holiday is going to be upon us.  Nows the time to start picking up some pet treat gifts for your pups or their friends cause these tasty little morsels are seasonal and only available for a short time…Yup, you read this correctly, these Wet Nose Holiday Sweet Potato Pie and Apple Pie treats are seasonal and only available for a limited time.

The best thing about these treats other than they're just plain yummy is that Wet Nose treats are made of 100% all natural organic ingredients and made and baked right here in the U.S.A…plus they are packaged with eco-friendly materials to help keep our planet safe…yeah!!

Remember it's never too late to get started on those special gifts for all our special four-legged friends and what a nice way to start the holiday shopping…for our pups who really only ask for lots of love, hugs and kisses but deserve so much more…and healthy treats are just one of them.  I found these on the wholelifepets.com site. Enjoy!!