Doggie Daycare

Is your dog tired of the snow and ice and unhappy about going outside in the cold but tired of being couped up in the house, well maybe your dog needs a  change of pace from the same old, same old.  Why not consider a fun day at a local Doggie Daycare in your area where your dogs can play and interact with other dogs that may also be having a bit of cabin fevor. Here in our area there are a couple of places that cater to our furry frineds for a day of fun, fun, fun at Doggie Daycare. 

Lazy 5 Vets is not only a great place for all your pups medical needs. it also features boarding and of course Doggie Daycare aka Camp Wagin Tails!  They offerr a fun supervized day socializing with others dogs, giving them a much needed interaction playtime where you can check your pup with a  Read More......