DIY Organic Catnip Gardens

One thing we know for sure is that our kitty cats love catnip.  Growing it is really easy and below you'll find some different ways on how to grow it, where to grow it and also places where you can buy organic catnip seeds or plants.

To get started you will need either catnip seeds and  Park Seed  or Vitacoast have Organic Catnip Seeds that are very reasonable.   At How to grow Catnip, they will tell you about seed growing, but also other ways to start your catnip garden.

At Growing Catnip From Seed  you will get step by step DIY directions on how you can start your very own garden from seeds to a wonderful Organic Catnip Garden. Be sure the seed packets say organic for the very best catnipyour furry friend deserve.

Whether you start Growing Catnip Indoors from seeds or  Read More......