The Honest Kitchen Review & Giveaway

When you find a company that takes such great care to find the best quality ingredients for your pets, it really means something.  That's why I am so excited to share with you, The Honest Kitchen.  We found The Honest Kitchen some months back and it is now our preferred food for our dogs and cats as well as our fosters.  Being the lovers that we are of this food, I was so excited to receive a 4 pound box of force (which we hadn't tried before) from The Honest Kitchen to review as well as a few items to giveaway to two lucky people.  

This 4 pound box makes approximately 16lbs of fresh...

Review: Cabin Cat Playhouse

I was drawn to this rustic cat cabin playhouse because it's made out of recycled cardboard. We all know how much cats love cardboard boxes, so why not spruce those up a bit with a fun and "last frontier-esque" style.

The Cabin Cat Playhouse by SUCK UK was available on FAB.COM (4 left as of this writing) so I scooped one up and it arrived about a week ago. (they also have a Tee-Pee)

After getting everything out of the box, it took my brain about 3-4 minutes to figure out how everything folded together. Full assembly took about 10 minutes, and it probably could have been less if I...

Tapioca Waste Bags

Tapioca Waste Bags

In our first Bark Box we received a box of Doggie Waste Bags from Eco-Dog Planet. These waste bags are made from the tapicoa plant, which is a NON-GMO product and also a renewable resource. The bags are light weight, but also very strong and durable. The bag will actually decompose faster when exposed to micro-organisms in soil and landfills.

But do they work for such a stinky job?  I've been using these bags for our new foster puppy, who is a 10 month old, 40 pound, australian shepherd.  To say that his poop is hefty would be an understatment.  I was concerned at first because I thought...

Lick’n Crunch Oven Baked Treats

Lick’n Crunch Oven Baked Treats

We're gonna just jump right on in. The other night I came across a new treat that caught my eye immediately. They look just like oreo cookies! And anything that looks like an oreo cookie shouldn't be in the dog aisle, I thought. But I was wrong. These oven baked treats might look like scrumptious oreo cookies but they are made for dogs by Three Dog Bakery. We are big fans of Three Dog Bakery, since they are all about all-natural yummy treats for our canine pals.

Like most of the new treats I pick up for the dogs, I want to give them a try the moment I get home from the store. I was so...

barkwheats dog biscuits

barkwheats dog biscuits

During the last BarkHunt event, we won a great prize from @barkwheats. A box of Seaveg & Chamomile biscuits and a box of Ginger & Parsley biscuits. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting two boxes of treats. One would have definitely been enough but to get two! Woooooohoooo!

So, before getting these, I hadn't really checked out barkwheats at all. If you've never heard of them, I would highly encourage you to take a look at their site and read what they are all about. Yeah, they make all-natural buckwheat dog biscuits which is awesome. But they also choose to get 95%of their ingredients...

ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Clumping Cat Litter

ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Clumping Cat Litter

So you really won't believe it.

Over the past month we're been trying ARM & HAMMER ® Essentials™ Clumping Cat Litter with Windy, Misty and Twister. I have two large size litter boxes that they all share – we have some pretty big kitties in this house so I regularly clean out the boxes so it's nice and tidy for them. I had been using Swheat Scoop for awhile and really liked it. Little did I know, I could do better.


  • much lighter than other cat litters
  • pleasing odor and no dust
  • biodegradable
  • took less time to clean out the litter box because the clumping is superb – not a lot...

Wait up, did someone say Bully Sticks?

Wait up, did someone say Bully Sticks?

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to snatch up a few best bully sticks from @bestbullysticks.

Have you never heard of a Bully Stick? I didn't know about them until I was looking for all-natural, healthy treats for the boys. And I was a little surprised to find out that a better alternative to raw hide was a bull's penis. I mean, really? Oh yes, really.

Also known as pizzle sticks, beef pizzles and steer sticks, bully sticks are made out of one thing: beef penis


After I got over the fact that my dogs would be gnawing on some bull penis on my hardwood floors, I placed my first...

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter

I found Swheat Scoop Cat Litter last year and fell in love with it immediately. I wanted something that was all-natural, with no chemicals and low on the dust factor. Every time I would clean our old clay based cat litter pan, I would cough from the dust and feel all grimy and dirty. It also made me think about our cats and what they were inhaling multiple times a day.

Swheat Scoop Cat Litter is "made from naturally processed wheat, which means it's clay free, chemical free, fragrance free and biodegradable." Plus it's 100% sewer and septic safe.

I was doubtful at first. I had been a...


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