Reknitz sweater

Crazy rainy and cool weather this past month or more.  I have two dogs, one will go outside in any kind of weather, rain, snow, thunder, lighting, heat…you name it and he'll go…but the other one is a whole lot more finicky and kinda like a “when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars”, before he'll go out, type of dog.  Doesn't like to get wet or cold, etc., etc., etc.. So this is for him and all the other finicky four-legged furry friends out there.

These pups on the left are wearing a Reknitz cotton dog sweaters that I found on at  These all year round, any type of weather sweaters are more than just stylish, they are also Eco-friendly and made of reclaimed cotton fibers and also proudly made in the USA…can't ask for much more than that!  Each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes_or even farmland!…How can that be, well read on.

The cotton yarn is derived from pre-consumer textile table remnants, that are cleaned and separated into raw fibers. The cotton fibers are then blended and spun into yarn for the making of the sweaters. What۪s more, is that the fibers are not re-colored, as the careful mixing of textile cuttings creates the eye-catching palette you see in each individual sweater.

The sweaters come in seven different sizes, so be sure to follow the size chart.  They also come in seven different solid or stripe colors, so plenty to choose from plus they are machine washable.  Enjoy!