Louisiana Alligator Dog Treats

This different little Louisiana Alligator Dog Treat by Think Dog may sound a bit odd to some of us but not to folks who live in Louisiana where there are lots and lots of alligators...name seems natural enough to them.

These little paw shaped tidbits are soft chews that are perfect for training or treating all size and types of doggies. There's nothing artificial about them either...made with real 100% alligator right here in the USA.  There is no wheat, corn or soy in these bite size treats, which is exactly what we love to hear.

So, if your really looking for something different that may not be in your own backyard, give these little gooies a try.  If you can't find them at your local pet store where you live, you can find them on a few different sites with no problem.

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Plato Sweet Potato Strips Dog Treats

So I ask you...who doesn't like the farmers market with all their fresh veggies and fruit.  If your one of those folks who enjoy healthy fruits and veggies from the farmers market for your family, then I know that you'll want the same for your pups. because tthey're your family too.

I bet by now you know that certain veggies and fruits are my absolute favorites to give my two pups...the job for me is to find those certain fruits and veggies made healthy yet differently from each other, so my pups aren't always getting the same ole, same ole.

We know how healthy sweet potatoes are for our dogs and these Plato Farmers Market Sweet Potato Strip Dog Treats look like a pretty good choice because they are slow-roasted, giving them a wonderful taste that your doggies will not be able to  Read More......

Bocce’s The Big Apple Dog Treats

Here's my question....who doesn't like apple pie or apple anything for that matter??   So many apple things to choose from like warm apple pie, apple pie a la mode, apple crunch, apple betty, apple strudel.  The list goes on and on and on...but not so much for our pups.

Sure there's lots of treats with apple this and that mixed with all kinds of meats and stuff,  but just a few with simply apples, like these Bocce's "The Big Apple Pie" Dog Treat. that come in this Big Apple can or available in smaller packages.

These Apple PIe treats are wheat free for all the pups with allergies or sensitive bellies and also free of soy, corn, chemicals or preservatives.

What they are full of and made of is Organic Barley, Organic Apples and Cinnamon, perfect for keeping our babies breath  Read More......

Charlee Bear All Natural Cheese & Egg Dog Treats

All-natural ingredients means you can feel good about treating your dog. Who doesn't like cheese or eggs and cheese and eggs together make a perfect pair.  Yoy know who else is going to like cheese and eggs together...your pups.

These Charlee Bear Cheese and Egg Dog Treats are packed with All- Natural goodness and a perfect training treat on Suinday morning or any morning for that matter.

Charlee Bears Cheese and Eggs Treats are made with....cheese and eggs of course, giving these little nuggets a savory taste that almost all dogs will absolutely love.

The All-Natural ingredients and the fact that they only are three calories each will make this a guilt free treat a wonderful reward for your dogs while your training them and in between...if your dogs are already trained , that's  Read More......

Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’‘r Dog Chews

You all know by now that I love sweet potato treats for my dogs and they love those sweet potato treat just as much, so I 'm always looking for new and tasty sweet potato tidbits for them...because they love them just as much as I do. 

Dr. Harvey' Sweet Potate'r Dog Chews are packed full of vitamins and minerals that make these an absolutely healthy, worry free treat you can give your doggies without any guilt because, they'r low in calories and have no salt or sugar added.  What's more they're made with just good old sweet potatoes...nothing else... no artifical flavors, preservatives, chemicals or dyes....just the way we like them.

Your pup is going to love chewing on these treats, which by the way comes in chips or fries shapes.  Either way get ready to watch an exercise in  Read More......

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