Wacky Worm

This is one worm you'll love to see your pup playing with. It's called the Wacky Worm by West Paw Design.  What I like about thisWacky Worm is that it is squeakless and free of any fill.  Sure, my dogs have lots of toys with fill and squeakers, they love them...but are always on a mission to destroy until they get the squeaker and stuffing out...fun for them, not so much for me as I follow the trail of stuffing through the house.

This Wacky Worm is a tug toy made of soft corduroy material and expands because there is elastic securely sewn inside..  It stretches a long, long way and you and your pup will have lots of fun tugging with you. 

This made in Montana, USA tug toy will worm it's way into your dogs heart...however if your doggie is a huge chew hound, I do not recommend  Read More......

Big Sky Puppy Dog Toy

Check out this adorable Big Sky Puppy Dog Toy from West Paw Design. This eco-friendly super soft, puppy shaped small dog toy is perfect for playtime and the planet.

Made from left over Big Sky Blanket fabric so it reduces waste. Fun squeaker inside that will keep your pup busy for quite some time.

Measures 5" and  made in Montana, USA.

West Paw Design has also makes a Big Sky Teddy Dog Toy and the fun part is that either the Puppy Or Teddy can be color coordinated with the Big Sky Dog Blanket.



Both come in two different colors to match the four different colors of the Big Sky Blanket...perfect for the fashion conscience pups and pup lovers of the world. 

A Ball Of Yarn

Isn't this a cute little picture of a cat playing with a Ball of Yarn.  Years ago it was a very common practice for most kitties and probably is today too, but the reality is that letting your cat play with a ball of yarn can be a very dangerous thing...I never thought about it and maybe you didn't either, but here are a few reasons why.

Cats like to chase it around and then it unravels and our little babies get all tangled up in the string, which creates the potential for injury of the paws and of course strangulation.

Also, some cats will chew on the yarn and that can also create a dangerous choking problem, since once it gets into your cats mouth, the only way out is down the hatch.  Sure they look cute in a pictures with a bunch of yarn and if you want to take one, please be  Read More......

3-Play Ecolast Hippo-Pink

This cutie 3-Play Ecolast Hippo_Pink is perfect play for your pup.  Just fill it up with his or hers favorite treat and off your pup goes into a playful frenzie fit, keeping busy until he or she gets to the goodies inside...lots of laughs and fun all rolled into one adorable pink Hippo that comes in two different sizes...and the color Blue of course for all the Big Boys!   Hipposs aren't the only animal shape he comed in, there's a turtle which comes in green or blue, just in case your pup is afraid of Hippos, or maybe he'd prefer a round ball in at least three colors...up to him.

This Hippo is made from recycled inner tubes by cycledog.com  in their factory in Portland Oregon, U.S.A.  Again I must mention that the story behind this company is very interesting and worth the read.  It  Read More......


There's nothing fancy or different about this eco-friendly cat toy, other than it being probably one of a cats most favorite things to play with...a Mouse...plain and simple sometimes works best.  No one is trying to invent the wheel here and once in a while we just need to get down to the basic things cats have been itchin to play with all along.

The eco-friendly fabric coat comes in four different colors...is small enough to bat around yet big enough to cuddle up with.  It's filled with Certified Organic Catnip and has a tiny tinkling bell inside that will make your think he went to heaven.

You can name Mouse anything you want but at westpawdesign.com he's just known as Mouse.  You'll have to check  out a new name with your  furry feline buddy...but I wouldn't worry about a  Read More......

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