Sequoia Squirrel

We know how much dogs love to chase squirrels up trees.  Well now, your furry four-legged friend can have this Sequoia Spuirel toy all for his own.  No more chasing up trees, just lots of chasing and playing right in your own home.

This West Paw Design Sequoia Squirrel Dog Toy is made with specially formulated berber fabric and features a poly-knit backing that interlocks fibers to create a strong surface capable of holding up to rough and tumble play.

Filled with eco-friendly quality recycled InterLoft and features a robust squaker...sure to make your dogs jump with glee. The signature bushy tail is made with faux fur and gives the squirrel an animated attitude...just enough to get your pup going.

This made in Montana. U.S.A. Sequioa Squirrel will be a real winner, for sure, in  Read More......

Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher

Look how comfy this precious kitty is on this really cool Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher....and you know how much the kitties love to scratch, which means it's just about time for a new one and the Holidays are  the perfect time to get your furry friend a new one. 

Now you know this is not for just the boys...cause I'm pretty sure the girls will love to be on the Express KittyTrain Cat Scratcher too, probably pretending to be going on a shopping trip or something fun like that!

This fabulous scratcher is completely recyclable and comprised of 100% recycled materials...but wait, there's more, he Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher has two stories...comes with a bag of Ceritied Organic Catnip and is made in the U.S.A.

This in a nice size scratcher measuring 9" D x 20.5'" W x  Read More......


I know, I know this is not a Christmas or Holiday related toy.  I get that we want to give some cutsey toys to both our girls and boys...canine and feline...but the simple fact is this...there are lots and lots of cutsey kinds of toys out there, but...and this is a big but, lots of them are not organic or eco-friendly and  lots of them aren't made in the U.S.A.   They have Scotty dog toys in all different Holiday tarten plaids, but they didn't meet our criteria, therefore, even though they are cute, they're not for THP.

But hey, that's o.k. because this doggy called Scot, (for obvious reason), is both organic and made in the U.S.A. and as cutesy as cutesy can be.  He's also waiting to be friends with your very own pup so he's not so lonesome on a shelf somewhere.

This super soft  Read More......

Merry Bones

There's nothing like a very Merry Bone to keep you pups busy while you open your gifts, entertain guest, celebrate with a scrumptous meal...well you get the idea.  A dogs bone is like a good old friend and these particular bone come in Red, Green of Ivory and features a secure sewn in squeaker.  That should keep your dogs interest.

So make your pooch's holiday season a memorable one with this adorable Merry Bone.  Of course, this eco-friendly Merry Bone is made from a petal soft faux Mink fabric and non-toxic poly fill...making this safe Merry Bone a toy that should capture the attention of all of our pet parents out there...cause THP always want to keep our pups safe, just like all of you.

These bones are not only safe, but are made in the U.S.A.  They not only come in three  Read More......

Ho-Ho Hairball Cat Toy

These cute little Ho-Ho Hairballs Cat Toys are just waiting to be claimed for some furry kitties stocking...why not let it be your kitties stocking.  Whether your kitty has been naughty or nice, they will love these Ho Ho Hairballs...cause they're always mostly nice, right?

This little ball of festive fur will entertain the most finicky felines for hours and hours.  Filled with extremely potent USDA 100% certified Organic Catnip and an enticing bell, this jolly little fellow will prove to beone of kitties favorite gifts.  But here's a tip, don't put the Ho-Ho Hairball into the stocking until the very last minute, otherwise your little one will go crazy trying to jump and get it out before the big day.

Handcrafted and made in the U.S.A., the generous dose of catnip will heighten  Read More......

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