Easy to Make Dog Toys


There's nothing more satisfying than DIY projects that include eco-friendly dog toys that are easy and inexpensive. Below you'll find just some types of toys we probably all have bought in the stores that could have been made with our very own hands.  Check them out and give them a try

T-Shirt Dog Toy~We all must have some olds cotton T-Shirt hanging around...I know these are the really comfortable ones, but maybe you can give one or two up to make this really easy tug t

Simple Rope Dog Toy~Dogs love rope toys.  Follow these easy directions and viola, you have a eco-friendly strong toy.

Hedgehog Dog Toy~This is aproximately a 30 minute to make easy dog toy.  Easy to follow instructions, but you may want to stuff with some old cotton t-shirt  Read More......

Pets Go Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is here!!  If you and your pet have already gone green or are just navigating ways to incorporate green alternatives into your life with your pets, we've got a list of 6 super easy ways to Go Green with your dog or cat.

Shop Green

One of the reasons we started this site was to curate eco-friendly and all natural products for pets. This is one of the simplest ways to be eco-conscious.  Not only should we be thinking about products we buy for ourselves, but also those we purchase for our beloved furry babies. When shopping for shampoos, choose options that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate like Organic Oscars Shampoo & Conditioner. For wearables, like collars and harnesses, think hemp like Plant Dog's Cozy Hemp Harness or The Good Dog Company's Kitty Hemp Collar. For  Read More......

Nina Ottosson Dog Memory

Sometimes we wonder just how smart our pups are...probably alot smarter than we give them credit for.  It's always a great idea to stimulate their minds with some, what I like to call, dog teaser toy.  This one called Dog Memory by Nina Ottosson is really wonderful because of the bold colors and a treat section where you can hide a treat with doggie watching and then see if he remembers where you put it.  Keeping our babies memories sharp is just as important as stimulating our own memories to keep us sharp.  It's also a nice way to play and interact with your pup with very little effort.

This Dog Memory toy is made from timber that can't otherwise be used.  The non-wooden parts are made from recycled plastic mixed with fine sawdust,  making this toy recycleable after a long life  Read More......




We all pretty much feel the same way about mouses. None of us wants them in or near our house so we set up all sorts of mouse traps if there's the slightest inkling that there one out and about...on the flip side, our furry babies absolutely love mouses...they love to chase, bat and especially catch one and present it to us with such pride...ugh!

Well, this little devil, called Mouse, is now a member of West Paw Design Eco- Friendly toy line with it's new  Eco-Fabric Coat.  Your babies won't mind having this cutie around because even though it's not real, a mouse is a mouse, is a mouse to any and all kitties.   Besides this one will last a lot longer than the real thing, even with some active cat and mouse play.

If this gray made in the USA Mouse looks to much like the  Read More......


If it's time for a new toy, then this little cutie will have your dog monkeying around all day.  Tango is a must because of his unique faux fur feel. This floppy 10" monkey has long and lanky arms and legs which gives him tons of tuggability, perfect for hours and hours of fun.

Made of faux fur and recycled polyfill, plus two robust squeakers, this made in the USA moneky toy is ready for lots and lots of monkey business.  So, If your dog loves to tug, whip it up and fling his toys, you've come to the right place because Tango will bring all sorts of fun to your pooch.  The only thing Tango can't do is climb a tree...and that's a good thing.   This machine washable Tango monkey comes in two different colors at westpawdesign.com and other sites and will be a terrific addition to  Read More......

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