Hemp Kitty Collar

Cute Kitty picture...right.  Well not so fast.  Something is missing...can you guess what it is?  If you guessed a collar, than you would be correct. 

It's always a surprise to see how many pet owners never have collars on their cats.   Maybe they haven't found the right one...so I decided to do a search and found these super soft Hemp Kitty Collar pictured on the right.  They come in all these fantastic colors that will not only feel great on you kitty cat, but also look great.

These super lightweight collars are made by The Good Dog Company, which offers 100% sustainable, recyclable products.   These collars are made of 55% Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton Muslin, and made right here in the USA, (Colorado)...and are machine washable.

The super soft Hemp Kitty  Read More......

Good Karma Rope Toy with Vegetable Dyed Rope

Here's cute little Elton the octopus, good Karma rope toy by Jax and Bones   Elton has eight little legs, perfect for teething puppies and when they start to tug, the legs unravel and the rope acts as a dental floss.

How cool is that,  playing and flossing at the same time, plus he is 100% eco friendly and 10% of all proceeds go to animal welfare groups.  

Check out their other ropes in an assortment of colors, including Louie the lobster or Derby the horse and wait to you see Kramer the crab....so cute!!!  

Most of the ropes come in small or large and if your dog is not into animal shaped toys, no problem,  there is also a nice selection of ropes in shape of rings, flowers, hearts and my favorite, the peace sign...but wait, there's also something for the boating buffs in the  Read More......



We all know that cats love boxes, and Catty Stacks is doing something about that. 

CattyStacks are designer cat boxes, that are strong, eco-friendly and modular. You can mix and match colors to create a unique and fun environment for your cats. 

Each box is made from Corrugated Ultraboard™ which is recycled, recyclable, and uses vegetable-based ink. In addition, each Catty Stack secures to one another, allowing you to easily create a cat environment that will sure to keep kitty very busy.  You can also rearrange them to keep things keep your feline on their toes.

I could totally see a wall of these in our cat room.

$14.99 per box. SHOP NOW 

Upcycled Wine Crates from Whiner & Diner

Upcycled Wine Crates from Whiner & Diner

These unique wine crate pet accessories are individually handcrafted from reclaimed wooden wine crates from California, Europe, Chile and Australia.  Every crate can vary slightly and logos change according to inventory but you can choose from siz colors that should go with almost any decor. Among the accessories offered are elevated dog feeders, raised cat bowls, leash holders, toy boxes and beds. 

Prices start around $95 (leash holder) - SHOP NOW

Our first BarkBox

Our first BarkBox

So, I came across BarkBox about a month ago.  The idea is that you signup for a monthly delivery of a BarkBox that is filled with 4 carefully selected doggie  items.  But they're all a surpirse!  You never know what you're going to get. It's so fun!  Plus a portion of their proceeds are donated to local shelters/rescues.   Clearly I was hooked from the get-go.

Our first box arrived a few days ago and I was quite excited about it.  I used to do a Beauty Box (which I can't remember the name of) and it was alright, but I'm not really into beauty products.  Dog products on the otherhand, yes please.

 I'll be sitting here waiting for someone to start MeowBox any day now! :)

When the BarkBox arrives you will clearly see what it is before you even open it.  So if you need to hide it  Read More......

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