Pet Christmas Trees

Wouldn't it be great to have a Pet Christmas Tree.  Well we've got a few examples of how easy it is to put one together.   The treecan be as big or as small as you want.  Add a few Christmas ball ornaments of your choice along with the pet ornamnets and you'll see how quickly the tree will fill up and still have the Pet Christmas Tree feel.  Below are five great  ideas of Pet Christmas Trees that we hope you like.

As you can see we've also added a few of our favorites Charlie Brown Christmas Trees that are so easy for you or the kids to make and fit just about any where on a kitchen counter, fireplace mantle or end table while making it so easy to see all your adorable pet ornaments.

Pet Themed Christmas This burlap base tree  is available almost everywhere.  This guy put some  Read More......

If Only Grandma Knew!

Check out these two of our own THP pups happy as a lark on a blankie grandma made oh so long ago.  Everytime I lay it out on the bed these two cuties, Fritz, aka Fritzie,  (the black dachshund mix) and Bruno, aka bru bru (the tan Dachshund mix), can't wait to jump up on it and romp and frolick around. 

It's like a magnet to them and once they're on it it can be a little hard to get them off.   I'm pretty sure grandma made lots of these for her grandchildren and never gave much thought to granddoggies, but I bet she's getting a laugh or two watching these guys having so much fun, from way up there, enjoying her wonderful work also.

8 Tips to Keep a Dog Happy

We all want our pups to be happy right?  There'a quite a few ways to make that happen and we've listed some of the steps we feel are pretty important for our babies.  Most are pretty easy and a couple may be a bit more time consuming but well worth it.   There's more than likely a few more steps that could be added to this list, but these are the immediate steps that come to our mind when we think about what makes a dog's pretty simple since it's almost the same concept most humans want to keep them happy!

1. Healthy Food and Treats

You know by now that we are huge supporters of healthy food and treats for our dogs. THP has blogged about numerous healthy foods and treats that your dog is sure to love, so check them out.  Sure most dogs will eat just about  Read More......

Master Chef







Doggie In Highchair

I sorry mommy for the mess...but these biscuits were sooooo good!


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