Easter Hazards For Pets

Easter is a fun day for all kids big and small ...what with egg hunts and  Easter baskets filled with all sorts of goodies.  But something lurks beneath all the fun that can be extremely dangerous to pet parents and their four-legged kids.    So...here are a few little friendly reminderws of some of those things.

CHOCOLATE    So much around and oh so tempting for our pets,so put chocolates where it can't be reached.  Chocolate is very, very dangerous to our babies.

BASKET GRASS    This is such a choking hazard to both dogs and cats so leave Easter baskets out of reach.  Day after Easter is a good time to dismantle baskets and discard grass.  Kids love their candy whether it's in a basket or bowl.

WICKER BASKET     Yup even the Easter basket can be dangerous for dogs and cats  Read More......

Easter fun for Dogs & Cats

Easter egg hunts for kids are lots and lots of fun...but what about our four-legged friends.  These  babies enjoy a fun time also, so why not hide a few healthy treat either inside or out for the little buggers.  Below are just ac ouple of suggestions on what to bring to the hunt.  Oh, and why not put some cute rabbit ears on the littlee devils while you're at it for a great photo or two...or three.

If your into baking  Five Yummy Healthy Easter Dog Treats are easy and healthy treats your dogs will absolutely love.  Break one or two up and hide in easy places for them to sniff them out.  Another very good treat for the pups is Nutro Crunchy Apple Treats, if you haven't tried them yet. Besides apple they come in flavors like bluebeey and cranberry and smell abaolutely delicious.   Read More......

Five Great Reasons For Rescuing A Cat

If your thinking about rescuing a pet from your local shelter but feel you don't have enough time to give much attention then consider rescuing a kitten or cat.  Why, you may ask ?  Well a cat or kittern would be the perfect choice for you and there and here are at least five great reasons to do so.




Reason number one is that rescued cats from a shelter means that your feline friend is dewormed and vaccinated and probably, free of fleas and has been chipped and ready to go.  Some shelters give a voucher for a local vet to have these things taken care ofother things like the so important nuetering.

Reason number two is that kittens and cats require much less attention and exercise than a dog. 

Reason  Read More......

Earth Day and Pets

Today, April 22, the whole world is celebrating Earth Day, a time for everyone to reflect on what we are all doing to preserve and save this wonderful planet.  Everyone from children to grandparents from all walks of life and cultures can use this day to make a pledge to do just one thing different this year to save the planet.  As pet parents we can help to Go Green and speak for our pets too by making a few pretty easy changes. 

So let's speak for our dogs and cats and all animals for that matter, who love the ocean, mountains and lakes.  Do this for the fields of flowers, the trees they love to climb and the fresh air they love to smell.  Do it for yourselves and for all kids who will reap the rewards after we're gone and then for their kids and their pets too.   Do it because  Read More......

Cats Sense Spring Is In The Air

Not to be out done by doggies our four-legged felines are just as excited  about Spring.  They can hear the birdies chirping and that' their cue to get the Spring cleaning started.   The needs of cats are much like thise of dogs in some ways with one or two differences.  Below are a few ideas to get the kitty Spring cleaning going.  Remember cats can't talk  to let you know what they want, but if they coud they probably wouldn't so we have to go on instincts. Here are a easy few tips on kitty Spring cleaning. So let's get to spiffing things up.

CATS & SHEDDING  Cat shed in the Spring so whether you brush or blow their hair, this is a great way to control the hair balls. I've even seen folks vacuum the hair...on low of course and only with the hose.

BEDS & BEDDING Cats are  known  Read More......

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