Petmate’s Hi-back Litter Pan

Let's face it cat litter boxes aren't the most exiting pet product and probably cleaning out a litter box is something we would love to avoid if we could.  But the bottom line is that we can't and cat lovers have come up with lots of different ways to deal with litter boxes from storage bins, plastic boxes and cardboard or even wood.boxes...even hooded litter boxes, so your cat has privacy....I'm not a litter box expert but do you really think any cat needs or cares about privacy???

I found this Petmate's Hi-back Litter Pan that helps contain litter scatter with the high-profile back side and a lower front side allowing for easy access. The litter pan / box comes Jumbo or large sizes depending on the size or sizes of your cats, or cats with messy litter habits.

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Only Natural Pet Soothe and Shield Paw Balm

We all know what this cold weather does to our hands and we go through lots and lots of creams to keep them soft and free of cracks and dryness.

Well guess what...same thing happens to our babies paws, even more so than our hands cause they actually have their paws on the cold ground, snow, ice and other touogh and rough stuff day in and day out.

Sometimes we tend to forget about that,  but worry no more, because I found this Only Natural Soothe and Shield Paw Balm made especially for our little furry friends paws that will absolutely pamper their little paws all year round against all the elements.

Made with lots of good stuff like Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lanolin and much more, you can feel really good about their paws when they romping around outdoors.

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Woof Wild Natural Dog Shampoo Soap

I dont know about you, but about every three to four months I give my two dogs a bath.  My pups are about 15 pounds each, so I'm able to bring down a tub I have and put it over the ktichen sink...hook up a small sink hose and away we go.  I found this Woof Wild Natural Dog Shampoo Soap Bar that's organic and made in the USA, which of course makes it something that really interests me, so I thought I'd share it with all you folks who prefer to bath their dogs themselves, like me.

Woof Wild Natural Dog Shampoo Soap is made by and available at  It is enriched with organic aloe and organic oats to soothe, pure essential oils to freshen, and bentonite clay for deep cleaning. Great for dogs with even the most sensitive skin. It leaves the coat soft, shiny and deoderized.

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Kaytee Dust Bath for Chinchillas

This past week I had an 11 year old visiting me and all she talked about was getting a Chinchilla.  Someone said they were too messy when they took their dust bath, so we went to two or three pet stores to find out what that was all about. 

Seems like it's not as messy as it was years ago, so I decided to find not only an eco-friendly dust bath for all the chincilla lovers out there...and from what I've read, their are quite a few, but also one that is made in the USA. 

So today I am featuring Kaytee Chinchilla Dust Bath that is both eco-friendly and made in the USA

The Kaytee Chinchilla Dust Bath is a high quality, all natural dusting powder that protects the Chinchillas coat by eliminating extra oils and moisture, leaving it healthy and clean.

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Natural Lavender Dog Detangler

If you have a long haired furry dog, then this product is for you. 

If you dread shampooing your dog because you know you have to brush is furry hair out afterwoods, then this product is for you. 

If your dog hates to have his furry hair brushed because of the tangles and takes off soaking wet through the house...then this product is definitely for you. 

I'm talking about Natural Dog Detangler Lavender by Eco-Me, perfect for furry haired dogs and ph balanced for gentle pet care.

This furry hair detangler contains no dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no sulfates or parabens and no we say yes to this product.

Eco-Me products are not onnly made in the USA but, Eco-Me products are testing for safety and effectiveness. is a proud partner of the NPA (Natural Products  Read More......

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