Natures Variety Instinct Kibble

I couldn't resist this picture on Nature's Variety site.  Nature's Variety features different types of healthy and nutriscious  pet foods for both dogs and cats, from Raw Frozen, Freeze Dried, Cans and Kibble, Gluten-Free and  Grain-Free.  Since I feed my dogs mostly kibble I will feature Nature's Variety Instinct Kibble.

Instinct offers three types of kibble foods for dogs which include over eight proteins. All of the Instinct kibble varieties are grain-free, gluten-free and free of all fillers. This makes them the perfect choice of food for your meat-loving dog.

Their Raw Boost kibble products include freeze-dried raw food mixed with the original grain-free dry kibble. Their Limited Ingredient Diets are simple and easily digestible formulas made with one animal protein and one  Read More......


If your wonderinig what H2FIDO is, wonder no more.  This is a new and exciting innovative concept for all you outdoor parents of all dogs, large, medium or small, who go with you on walks, hikes, camping, road trip...well you get the idea, and you need to carry water with you to hydrate your boy or girl...well Voila, this should interest you.

H2FIDO by MODGY, is BPA free and uses recyclable plastics creating a collapsible bottle and bowl that has great strength and can be clipped and used repeatedly while exploring the great outdoors.

Each portable system comes with one 20 ounce bottle with sports cap, carabineer, and two re-sealable bowls. Simply remove a bowl from the carabineer and fill with the bottle. Dogs will feel at ease using a bowl that is more like home. No more bending  Read More......

Wysong Au Jus Canine / Felines Diet

 This product caught my eye recently, when I was looking for a healthy wet food as a change of pace for my dogs.  In between their healthy dry food filled with turkey, berries and lots of good stuff, I give them some pumpkin, bananas, carrots and a variety of other fresh fruits and veggies, which they have learned to enjoy. 

 One or two of the reasons Wysong caught my eye is that it is made in the USA at Wysong manufacturing facilities with ingredients from USDA and FDA approved domestic sources...very important.  The other thing that I like,  is that there wasn't a huge list of stuff under the ingredients section, just one or two. also very important.

 The Wysong Au Jus Canned Diets contain no grains, fillers, synthetic or artificial preservatives - no artificial anything!  For  Read More......

SmartCat Organic Kitty’s Garden

 Are your indoor cats chewing up all of your houseplants? Indulge their instinct to chew on grass with a pot of wheatgrass, oat, rye or barley.

 One good choice is the SmartCat Kitty’s Organic Garden, a kit that contains a pot, peat moss soil and 100% organic seeds of oats, wheat, rye and barley.  The garden grows in 4 to 6 days and ready to give your indoor kitty lots of good stuff they need...even if you don't have a green thumb, this looks like something so easy to grow..

 The SmartCat Organic Kitty's Garden is the purrr-fect treat for your favorite cat. Loaded with vitamins, The SmartCat Organic Kitty's Garden will help your cat's digestive system, prevent hairballs and provide mental and physical stimulation so your cat stays nice and healthy.,,your cat may not need a shrink  Read More......

Quencher Cinch Top Dog Bowl

 We live in ever changing times...always on the go and lots of us, take our buddies with us, whether it's a day outing or a long weekend or even more. packing a "doggie bag" for their food, water and treats...can't forget those treats..

 But what about the dog bowls to put it in.  Why not make it a little easier for yourself   Check out this Quencher Cinch Top Dog Bowl by Ruffware,  with long-lasting and environmentally conscious recycled polyester outer shell and a seamless black nylon polyurethane-coated waterproof liner. 

 With Quencher Cinch Top Dog Bowl...all you do is simply,fill it up, pull the strings and off you go...easy as that.  When the dog is finished with eating, just fill it up with some water and you are all set.

 If you prefer to use separate bowls, there is  Read More......

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