Lucky Dog Shamrock Tank Top

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and if your Irish or just want to be Irish for the day, then your doggie most likely wants to be Irish too.

So to help celebrate this fun-filled day with partying, parading or just going to the dog park, why not dress up for the know how much our boys and girls love to play dress-up.

This cute green Lucky Dog Shamrock Tank Top has a big ole white Shamrock right on the back, letting everyone know how lucky our pups are to have pet parents that take the extra time to celebrate St. Patty's Day with them.

Made from 100% cotton, that makes it soft and comfy, right here in the USA,  this tank top comes in sizes XXS to XXL...perfect for just about any Irish loving dog or cat for that matter.  It's been said that "if your lucky  Read More......

Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

This morning when I went to let my dogs out, I wished I had prepared better for this crumby weather that my pups hade to go out in..  They could barely stand the ice and snow on their feet and needless to say they didn't stay our for more than a minute or two.  But my motto has always been, better late than never and next time I'll be ready.

These Pawz Boots for Dogs is something to consider if there's a snow fall again or any inclement weather for that matter. The boots are reusable for a couple of times, disposable and 100% biodegradable and the country of origin is the USA.

However, you must remember, these are only in my opinion, a quick fix for paw protection in your own backyard.  They are not made for walking through woods, mountain climbing or even long walks.  These are  Read More......

Plant Dog Cozy Hemp Harness

We all love to walk our doggies and they love to be walked.  Lots of us just use a collar and chain and that's ok for a short distance like from house to car or vet kind of thing.  But when we really want to walk the dog it's best to use a harness for both safety and comfort.  Of course, we have to buy the right harness.

This particular harness by Planet Dog and coincidentally called Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Harness features Eco-Friendly Hemp and Fleeced Lined for comfort under your buddies belly of course, for easy on and off.

Oh for sure there are lots and lots of harnesses out there, it's just more difficult to find an Eco-Friendly, comfortable harness that doesn't come in just one tiny size, but rather in multiple sizes for both big and small boys and girls with a nice selection of  Read More......

No.3 Dog Bandana

Looking for something really cute and stylish and snazzy for your pup to wear out ...or in all year long, but don't want to spend alot of time dressing him or her up.

Well check out this No. 3 Dog Bandana by Finnegan'a Standard Goods, the perfect accessory for any doggie.

These really cut Bandana come in three different stylish colors that will complement all our furry frineds...Black with yellow trim, Brick Red with turqoise trim and Graphite with orange trim.

They measure 28" by 12.5 from top to tip, plenty roomy even for the big boys and girls.  They're machine washable, so no worries if our pups dribble a little.

These contempory designed Bandana are also handcrafted in the U.S.A., and are environmentally friendly and available at  So start thinking about  Read More......

Holiday Doggie Bow Tie

Time to play dress-up with your boys for all those fun family Holiday photos you plan on taking.  You want him to look extra fine, don't you?  The girls are gonna go crazy when they see him sporting this funky little Holiday Doggie Bow Tie around his neck. 

This cute Holiday Doggie Bow Tie is soft, comfy and fun to wear...not to mention how great he's gonna look in all the family photo shots. 

Holiday Doggie Bow Tie is not only handcrafted but made from reclaimed wool sweaters and blends perfectly with the bright organic cotton fabric center. The bow tie attaches to the dogs collar with velcro loops for easy handling.

The great part is that it is hand washable...and the great, great part is that it is made here in the U.S.A. state of Montana...keeping it real in what we strive  Read More......

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